Monday, July 28, 2014

Monday Menu 7/28

"Washington's Whitewater Professionals"

Here is our Monday Menu for the week of 7/28:

Saturday, August 2nd @ 9am: Nooksack River Class III/III+ Limited Availablility!

Saturday, August 2nd @ 12pm: Wenatchee River Class II/II+  Sold Out!!!

Saturday, August 2nd @ 1pm: Nooksack River Class III/III+ Limited Availablility!

Sunday, August 3rd @ 9am: Nooksack River Class III/III+ 

Sunday, August 3rd @ 12pm: Nooksack River Class III/III+  Limited Availablility!

Sunday, August 3rd @ 1pm: Nooksack River Class III/III+ Limited Availablility!

Don't miss out on the beautiful and scenic Nooksack River!  

Only two weekends left!!

Start planning now!  

Only about a month till the start of Tieton River season!

If you loved your trip on the Wenatchee, Nooksack or Methow River this season, you'll love an exciting trip down the might Tieton River!

River Recreation

"Washington's Whitewater Professionals"

Po Box 125

Monitor, WA 98836

T: 206.276.8774


+River Recreation-Washington's Whitewater Professionals 

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